(or Destruct Tetris, however you want to call it)

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The main idea was to avoid falling tetrominoes, that were "controlled" by the PC, but that got boring really quick. I decided to add some shooting with Powerups.

There is no goal. Actually, you can try to achieve as much score as you can, get your highest combo possible, destroy as much Tetrominoes as you can, grab the powerups.

Just avoid falling pieces.


All sprites were made by me in Photoshop.

All sounds were created with BFXR


Score: You get 5 points for each destroyed Tetromino
Combo: Rises with each destroyed Tetromino - by default, you have 4.4 seconds to destroy another piece (lowered by the current difficulty) or you will lose your combo. It multiplies base score by this value


Maximize your efficiency with diagonal shooting and jumping.

Holding Left+Right locks your position and allows shooting in the direction of the first horizontal input pressed.


The game introduces Difficulty:
For each 5 Tetrominoes destroyed, the difficulty goes up. It means the pieces will fall faster, and your combo timer will shorten.
Maximum difficulty is 14, so it can get pretty tough.

My current record is at 605 Tetrominoes destroyed, so it is definitely possible to get to couple thousands.

New Tetrominoes will spawn with random HP:
Greens - 5, 6 HP,
Blues - 7, 8 HP,
Yellows - 9, 10 HP,
Reds - 11, 12 HP


There are 10 powerups available in the game.

Each buff-powerup lasts 10 seconds.


Temporarily fixes the weapon spread.


Adds raw 500 score.


Adds raw 1000 score.

Lower Difficulty

Decreases the current Difficulty by 1
Tetrominoes fall slightly slower
Reverts Combo Timer by 0.2s


Finds a random LOCKED Tetromino and destroys it.
Pretty big name for a small powerup


Destroys all locked Tetrominoes


Temporarily doubles the bullet damage


Temporarily doubles the bullet speed


Temporarily doubles the shooting speed


Temporarily increases moving speed by 20%


This is my first Game Jam, and I am glad I joined it, I learned a bunch of new stuff, encountered lots of problems due to rushing (I mean slacking until the deadline of course).


Download 20 MB

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